A drone is simply an aircraft -relatively small- piloted either autonomously by onboard computers or via a remote control on the ground. Drones were first to use in warfare and special operations, but modern technology has allowed companies to manufacture commercial versions for consumer use. Online shopping platform was first to mass-utilize drones for delivering Amazon orders straight to your doorstep. Now in 2017, drones are giving social media users access to breathtaking swooping shots from the sky that provides new perspectives at a time of an obsession with photography and documentation.


Instagram- the flourishing photo app- is an essential platform for drone footage and according to current estimates, there are almost 2 million posts hashtagged “drone.” Instagram has afforded aerial photography a platform to showcase their creativity, and this has contributed significantly to the popularity of Instagram. Also, the rise of video shooting on Instagram, in general, has afforded enthusiasts of aerial videography the perfect tool for shooting aerial shots, and in general, in the past year, video presence on Instagram has increased by over 40%.


Drone photography is extremely convenient. Gone are the days when you needed to setup helicopter charter or plane rental to capture unique aerial shots. Now, with a drone is your backpack, you can shoot at your pace and convenience. It comes as no surprise that drones are popular in documenting extreme outdoor pursuits- activities which are otherwise expensive and dangerous to film with conventional equipment.


Professionals have not just driven the rise in popularity of drone photography: millions of drones are sold yearly to professional photographers, gadget fans, and hobbyists found everywhere, from Amazon to eBay. Major retail stores report that in the past year, the sale of drones has increased by a staggering 120%.


Also, drones also find application in social situations where they can be used to shoot aerial photographs in occasions like wedding ceremonies and campaigns. Also, they have found use in news media where they have become like standard hardware in journalism as they can access locations that would normally be inaccessible. Although photographs and videos taken using drones can be utilized in the same way as traditional aerial imagery, they are much cheaper and easier to collect than visuals from an aircraft or satellite, and they can easily be processed into useful geographically accurate maps.


Drones have also grown in popularity in the area of advertisement, particularly in real estate. The holistic image which an aerial photograph of a piece of real estate provides in comparison with a street level shot provides not only depth and dimension but also a view of the homes surrounding. A pool, beautiful lawn, lake, ocean or mountain can all be captured and displayed perfectly by aerial drone photography.


There’s no doubt that drone photography has forever changed the field of aerial photography as can be attested to by its popularity. In the coming years, it’s expected that its use will increase as more and more persons seek to push the boundaries of creativity with the one tool we all know how- photography.