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Looking for professional drone support service for your big event, Singapore Aerial Works has what you need. Great for customised drone setup to assist you in your big event. Using state of the art drone technology, our staff can construct the ultimate drone setup for your use. Perfect for corporate shop openings, parades, weddings, personal events and more, we can help you with a total drone photography package. Our flight crew can deliver the perfect aerial photography shot or high production value drone video for you to remember. Give us a call today to see what sets us apart from the rest. Our sales staff is ready to help you with the right drone support service. When the best aerial drone support service is needed, call Singapore Aerial Works now.

Find out more information on our aerial videography packages below.

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Certified Pilots

With our team of fully certified pilots, we are able to fly our drones at high altitudes and produce stunning results. We also take safety as a very important aspect in our daily routine. Therefore, whether you are looking to photograph real estate or industrial purposes, we guarantee you will have the best experience and services at Singapore Aerial Works. Call us to enquire about our rates now.

Other Services:

aerial shot of Light tower beside the coast

Drone Photography

Look no further if you are looking for drone photography services. We provide high resolutions images using the latest drone technology to capture the view from above.

aerial shot of motor bike race

Aerial Videography

We can capture smooth cinematic aerial footages at high altitudes. Whether it is for Commercial, Real Estate, Tourism or Event Coverage, we are able to capture aerial videography footages at 4K UHD resolution and provide high definition live feed for event management at affordable prices.

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