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Great for industrial, corporate or professional drone video production, Singapore Aerial Works operates with professional excellence. Our staff of flight experts works to safely operate our drone technology to craft a video that can represent your corporation. We combine a creative flight skillset with the ultimate guidelines for safety and regulations. The result? The best aerial videography service your company could ever retain. Singapore Aerial Works is a market leader in the world of aerial drone services in Singapore.

No matter what your need for aerial videography is, Singapore Aerial Works has you covered. With the flight expertise and knowledge to handle any scale job, we are the professional drone video company you have been looking for. Customised drone service gives you the best chance at getting the results you are after. We are able to fly our drones at high altitudes whilst producing the smoothest footages. 

Our sales staff can help you with the customised package that exceeds your expectations. Flight technicians work with you to pick out the right flight path to give you the aerial shot you are after. When your aerial photography needs require the best drone photography technology, call on Singapore Aerial Works.

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Armed with the latest drone technology and years of experience in the remote controlled circle. Our pilots are able to assist in major film production house to capture the most technical challenging angles and framing. Our clients have confidence on our services that we provide and we are confident in delivering the best video and image quality for your usage.

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aerial shot of Light tower beside the coast

Drone Photography

Look no further if you are looking for aerial photography services. We provide high resolutions images using the latest drone technology to capture the view from above.

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Drone Support Services

Looking for a drone for your personal use? Incorporating drone technology for your event or other customised solutions has never been easier at Singapore Aerial Works. We can provide drone support services such as training, consultancy or customising a drone setup for you. Call us to enquire now.

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