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We planned every shoot meticulously so as to ensure that nothing goes wrong during shoot day.

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Quick thinking and able to solve any hiccups that happens on a shoot.

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Building good relations and providing solutions for our clienteles.

About Us

Singapore Aerial Works is a website promoting Aerial Drone Solutions. We provide drone services for aerial photography, aerial videography and other drone support services. From real estate to industrial purposes, Singapore Aerial Works offers solutions for many industries. Our staff are well-trained in aerial drones and knowledgeable about the different drone setup in Singapore.

At Singapore Aerial Works, we believe in providing an easy and efficient platform to connect our customers to drone services. We believe that knowledge is power. We hope to make use of our extensive expertise in looking for the best drone service for your business. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring a most satisfactory experience whenever you deal with us. At Singapore Aerial Works, your satisfaction is our priority and we work harder both with you and for you to get the job done.

Singapore Aerial Works is a website owned by Leadstrio Pte Ltd (Registration No.: 201618497D), which is a platform to promote drone services in Singapore. This comprehensive service is fulfilled by Above the Udders Pte Ltd, a licensed and authorised partner.

Our Vision

We aim to become the Number One aerial drone service company in Singapore.

Our Mission

To always put our clients’ interest first and use the most cost effective aerial drone service at our disposal to get the job done swiftly, thereby saving our clients money in the process.

Enquiries about Singapore Aerial Works

If you have any enquiries about our aerial drone photography service, do contact us at (+65) 69029497 to speak with our consultants. Our staff will be glad to assist you in your every need.

Frequently Asked Questions


New to drone services? Not sure what are the regulations involved for hiring a drone service provider? Engaging an aerial drone service provider can be some what daunting, but here at Singapore Aerial Works, we are able to provide comprehensive answers and solutions for you. Want to know what are the necessary procedures and what kind of weather conditions we are able to fly our drone?  Feel free to browse the frequently ask questions from our clients on the right.

Do feel free to drop us an enquiry for further in-depth knowledge of our drones services.

How high can our drones fly?

Our drones are capable of flying up to 4500m with a range of well over 2km. However, local regulations require licensed operators to apply for additional permits for flights over 61m and to fly within visual line of sight.

How long does it take to apply for permission to fly our drones?

Typically a permit would take about 2 weeks to obtain from CAAS.

Are our pilots certified?

All our drones and pilots are CAAS certified. We are very strict with safety and we make sure we fly within stipulated zones.



It was a pleasure working with SAW. They walked through the entire process with us – from story development to filming and editing – in a professional, yet personal way.


Marketing Manager

Great attention to detail and their modern approach to cinematography produced a heart-felt video that we hope will impact many through its message of faith, hope and love.


Marketing Executive

Singapore Aerial Works

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