Singapore Aerial Works

Providing the Best Aerial Photography and Videography Services

Singapore Aerial Works

Providing the Best Aerial Photography and Videography Services.

Aerial Photography Singapore

Aerial photography has evolved over the years, finding new ways to create the most incredible shots and views possible. Drone technology has made it possible for affordable aerial videography / photography work using unmanned aerial systems. When you need the absolute best aerial view possible, or high quality aerial images for any use, Singapore Aerial Works should be your first call.

Our company vision is built on a legacy of flight, and a passion for high quality aerial photography for your event or business. Whether you are using aerial images for your real estate listing or any corporate events, we have a complete turnkey solution. 

When looking for the best aerial imaging services in Singapore, you need a solution that is professional and efficient. Hiring the wrong company can result in poor image quality, or even worse an accident. That’s why you should hire the best drone photography service in the business. 

aerial shot of Light tower beside the coast

Drone Photography

Look no further if you are looking for drone photography services. We provide high resolutions images using the latest drone technology to capture the view from above.

aerial drone in the sky

Drone Support Services

Looking for a drone for your personal use? Incorporating drone technology for your event or other customised solutions has never been easier at Singapore Aerial Works. We can provide drone support services such as training, consultancy or customising a drone setup for you. Call us to enquire now.

aerial shot of motor bike race

Aerial Videography

We can capture smooth cinematic aerial footages at high altitudes. Whether it is for Commercial, Real Estate, Tourism or Event Coverage, we are able to capture aerial videography footages at 4K UHD resolution and provide high definition live feed for event management at affordable prices.



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We are CAAS approved with permits to operate Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in Singapore. Our pilots are highly trained with a core of team of CAAS licensed commercial pilots. Our vast projects have took us to many countries like Iceland, Japan and Myanmar. Some of our clienteles include off-shore and marine, real estate, yacht owners and industrial work-related.


Using the latest camera and drone equipment, our footages are guaranteed smooth and high quality. Our photo quality is a minimum of 12mp to start with. As for video, we are able to shoot 4K and higher. Call us now at +65-69029497 to enquire more.

close up shot of 4k camera drone
man fixing propellors onto drone


We are very serious with the safety aspect of flying our drones. All our pilots are CAAS certified and we do not take chances. Before the shoot day, we will assign a day for location recce to make sure that we are familiar with the surroundings and look out for any potential hazards before flight day.

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Singapore Aerial Works

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